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Transit Drinkware

Transit Drinkware

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Design by Tsukasa Goto

Based in Milan, he support his design activity through the constant research and experimentation of the materiality.An active and manual approach that leads him to touch, feel, work and transform the materials with his craftmanship. A child curiosity that brings him to research, by touching wiht hands, the intrinsic possibilities of materials.


  • Clear


  • Glass


  • Hand-made and flame-worked


Transit Drinkware includes various sizes and styles: Tumbler (H. 5 ⌀ 8 - W. 8 L. 8.0), Water (H. 9.6 ⌀ 7 - W. 7 L. 7.0), and Coffee Cup (H. 5 ⌀ 6 - W. 6 L. 6.0).

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