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Standard Bar Spoons

Standard Bar Spoons

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They're heavy. They're balanced. They think you look great today, by the way. These bar spoons are calibrated for balance: With a heavy, weighted bolt on the end, they definitely know how to stir up a great drink!

Designed by our co-founder for ergonomics, comfort, and speed.

Smooth handle
stirs comfortably, without friction on the hand.

Spiral handle
 offers additional grip and helps the bar spoon glide through the ice.

Extra weight and balance help the bar spoon glide effortlessly around your mixing glass, perfectly chilling your drinks.

Easy enough for a beginner but built for experts: The perfect bar spoon for your first cocktail or your busiest shift.

Ultra-durable: Made from stainless steel 304 with a polished mirror finish.

Care & Handling:

Dishwasher-safe for all home dishwashers.

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