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Oracle Botanical Body Oil

Oracle Botanical Body Oil

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Blending antioxidant-rich elements from the Grecian mountains and Aegean Sea, Oracle’s Botanical Body Oil channels the sun-soaked ease of the Mediterranean, providing anti-aging benefits via clean ingredients that are hydrating and nourishing.

Parallel to its culinary applications, olive oil has been a cornerstone of ceremony, ritual, and beauty in Greece for centuries. Oracle’s new Botanical Body Oil pays homage to this heritage with a dynamic formulation featuring a trifecta of olive-derived ingredients: Oracle’s signature premium Greek extra virgin olive oil made from 100% organic Koroneiki olives, hydrating squalane derived from olives, and microbiome-friendly fermented olive oil. This powerful trio is enhanced by organic and wild-harvested herbs and botanicals endemic to Greece, including wild Cretan mountain tea, White Fir leaf, sea fennel, and sweet almond oil.

Great for year-round use, the Oil absorbs quickly, with a lightweight feel that can be applied to wet or dry skin.

Our bottle is made from “biophotonic” Violetglass which protects and enhances natural products by allowing beneficial ultraviolet and infrared rays in, while keeping harmful visible light rays out.

100ml/ 3.4 oz

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