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Wool and Cashmere Detergent

Wool and Cashmere Detergent

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Contains 25.3 fl. oz | 750 ml and is sufficient for approximately 50 washes.

Treat your delicate fabrics with Humdakin's wool and cashmere laundry soap, which can be used in the machine or when hand washing. Enjoy the fresh and mild scent of sea buckthorn and chamomile left after washing your wool and cashmere - just like when you use the HUMDAKIN laundry soap!

The hypoallergenic wool and cashmere detergent cleans and softens your clothes. Not only is this detergent allergy-friendly, it also protects the natural fibers found in wool and cashmere.

Pour one capful, or 15 ml, in the washing machine or in a laundry bucket filled with lukewarm water, which helps dissolve the detergent. Wash your wool or cashmere items as directed on the individual labels.

This product is a concentrate. Always use as directed. When dosing the detergent, think about the environment - do not overuse. Excessive use does not make the clothes any softer and is harmful to the environment.

Does not contain lanolin. Should be rinsed off.

Ingredients: Less than 5% non-ionic surfactants, preservation agents (2-phenoxyethanol).

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