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Mercato di Bellina

Gourmet Italian White Wine Vinegar Condiment by Giusti

Gourmet Italian White Wine Vinegar Condiment by Giusti

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Gourmet barrel-aged fruity & sweet white vinegar & grape must dressing aged in French oak and ash wooden barrels. Created from a soft pressing of Trebbiano grapes in order to obtain the grape must, it has the fruity and floral aroma of the grapes that contrasts well with its low acidity and the notes of sweet yellow fruits and dried citrus.

The grape must, a particularly sweet juice, is combined in barrels with high-quality white wine vinegar in order to use traditional methods of aging to develop the signature flavor of Giusti's gourmet vinegar.

Giusti was founded in 1605 and is the longest-running and most prestigious balsamic vinegar producer in the world. Dedicated to constantly improving its attention to the environment, Giusti adopts the most modern and best practices in order to reduce the environmental impact for greater sustainable agriculture.


8.45 fl oz (250ml)

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