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Andree Jardin Hand Brush & Dustpan - Elegant Cleaning

Andree Jardin Hand Brush & Dustpan - Elegant Cleaning

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Tired of chasing crumbs with a bulky broom?  

This handcrafted Andrée Jardin Hand Brush & Dustpan is the elegant solution you've been waiting for.


Why You'll Love It:

French-Crafted Quality: Made in France using time-honored techniques, this set is as beautiful as it is functional.

Effortless Crumb Removal: The natural horsehair and synthetic bristles effectively sweep up crumbs and messes without scratching delicate surfaces.

Compact and Convenient: The small size makes it perfect for quick cleanups on countertops, tables, or anywhere a mess appears.

Durable Design: The sturdy beechwood handle and lacquered metal dustpan ensure long-lasting use.


More Than Just a Dustpan and Brush:

Stylish Addition: The classic design adds a touch of French flair to your home, even when not in use.

Sustainable Choice: Natural and high-quality materials make this an eco-friendly alternative to disposable cleaning products.

Perfect for Everyday Use

This hand brush and dustpan set is ideal for:

  • Sweeping up crumbs on countertops, tables, and kitchen counters.
  • Cleaning up after small spills.
  • Dusting baseboards and corners.
  • Maintaining a clean car interior.


Still Unsure? Here's Why This Set Stands Out:

Superior Cleaning Power: The combination of natural and synthetic bristles ensures effective cleaning on various surfaces.

Easy to Clean: Simply dip the brush fibers in soapy water and let them dry completely.

Space-Saving Design: The compact size means it can be easily stored in a drawer or hung on a hook.


Frequently Asked Questions:

Will the horsehair scratch my furniture?

No, horsehair is a soft and gentle material that won't scratch delicate surfaces.

Is this dustpan magnetic?

No, the dustpan is not magnetic.

How do I store this set?

You can store it in a drawer or hang it on a hook using the hole in the handle.

Elevate your everyday cleaning routine with the Andrée Jardin Hand Brush & Dustpan! Order yours today!

Dimensions: 5.9 inches tall x 5.15 inches wide x 1.2 inches deep
Materials: Beechwood, horse hair, synthetic fibers, lacquered metal
Place of Origin: France


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