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Vintage Cocktail Coupe Glass - 1920s Style Elegance

Vintage Cocktail Coupe Glass - 1920s Style Elegance

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Add a Touch of Vintage Glamour to Your Cocktails with the America's 20's Coupe Glass

Bring back the roaring twenties with the America's 20's Coupe Glass from Bormioli Rocco. This elegant glass is inspired by the Art Deco era, adding a touch of Gatsby-esque sophistication to your home bar.
Why You'll Love It:
  • Iconic Art Deco Design: Featuring a sculpted stem with a decorated drop motif and a cup adorned with intricate facets, this glass is a conversation starter and a beautiful addition to any barware collection.
  • Perfect for Classic Cocktails: The shallow, wide bowl is ideal for showcasing layered cocktails like the Cosmopolitan or Margarita. The wide opening also allows for easy garnishing with fruit slices or cocktail cherries.
  • Superior Quality: Made in Italy by Bormioli Rocco, this glass is crafted from durable, crystal-clear glass and is dishwasher safe for your convenience.
  • Designed for Entertaining: The 7 ¾ ounce capacity is perfect for serving single cocktails or appetizers.
  • Versatile Glassware: While ideal for coupe cocktails, this glass can also be used for serving desserts or small snacks.
  • Built to Last: The high-quality materials and construction ensure this glass will be a cherished part of your barware collection for years to come.
Frequently Asked Questions:
What cocktails are served in a coupe glass?

Coupe glasses are traditionally used for cocktails like the Cosmopolitan, Margarita, and Aviation.

What's the difference between a coupe glass and a martini glass?

Coupe glasses have a wider, shallower bowl than martini glasses. Martini glasses also have a conical-shaped bowl that helps trap the aroma of the drink.

Is this glass dishwasher safe?

Yes, the America's 20's Coupe Glass is dishwasher safe.

Transport yourself to the Jazz Age with the America's 20's Coupe Glass from Bormioli Rocco. Order yours today!

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