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Beeswax Molded Candles - Tapers

Beeswax Molded Candles - Tapers

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Dimensions: height 28 cm x ~18 mm diameter

Blood Orange: A winter citrus in a color you’d typically find in a Merlot. It’s fragrant with a depth to the color that’s invites you in.

Bulgarian Rose: A rose garden that became a candle. There are no secret perfumes here, and the scent reflects that; a freshly cut rose made even sweeter with honey.

Lichen: This one is strictly designed for the color. In the tone of lichen and moss it’s nature within a candle. A green with an undertone of gold, it pairs beautifully with brass or similar metals. Originally created for a Mid-Summer Night wedding photoshoot.

 London Fog: The scent profile is earl grey tea, and bergamot, with a hint of vanilla; the color profile is a gentle grey that pulls tones from their surroundings.


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